Supplies have been Purchased

My Encaustic supplies have been purchased and I have set up a small area in my second bedroom.  I live in a condo and have a bedroom that I made into a multipurpose workroom and TV  room. So, I only have a small property of space for a table and my supplies.  I got the hot plate set up with small metal containers and a larger pan for melting the beeswax.  I ordered my beeswax a while ago and still am waiting for it.  The supplies are coming from

I also have the following picture that I took of waterlilies that I saw on the shoreline of our lake.  I have turned it into a black and white copy and split it into 4 sections.


So, here is one section of that picture


From this picture I have made a black and white copy.


A Black and White copy of the original.

All four sections were put into Photoshop and made into Black and White studies so now i have the pictures to use as starting points.  I will be trying each section out in different encaustic techniques.

So, I hope they work and that I don’t get too frustrated.  I will share my progress as I work through the ideas.