Giving up the process until the summer

I have to stop working in this medium.  The fumes are too hard on my husband and I.  We live in a two bedroom condo and I have to leave the window open and it is so cold in the apartment so I have to wait until the summer months to work on these encaustic works.  I am back to my acrylic paintings because acrylic has no fumes and I can continue with my paintings in the same room.  It is too bad since I spent a lot of money buying all of the encaustic supplies.  I will just take them all to the cottage and work there.  So, visit my other blog at and you can follow my painting blog until then.  


Encaustic Painting #3

I worked and reworked the surface all day yesterday and this is what I got.  



A complete mess!!! I have a list of ideas that I wanted to complete with this wax medium and I have not followed my plan.  I wrote down 9 techniques for Encaustic.  

1.  Adding colour between each layer and trying to make each layer as smooth as possible. 

2. Using plaster compound and making stencils on top of the plaster and then adding the wax. 

3. Making stencils and adding the stencils to the layers. 

4. Making stamps and using stamped imprints on top of the layers and between the layers. 

5. Using fabric and adding fabric as a college element. 

6. Using water-colour and inks.  

7.  Using incised lines and adding oil sticks to the lines and rubbing them out. 

8.  Using water colour on the first layer and building up on top of the water colour surface with clear wax.

9. Using transfers with photographs and graphite images. 

I have not done one of the above techniques.  Because I have so many years of training in the arts and have created sculptures and paintings, I think I should be able to get these great end products.  Well, yesterday, I thought that I am crazy to try this new medium and started to talk myself into quitting after trying only two pieces.  It is hard using this new medium.  I will not give up and  keep working on this ugly piece.   

After Many Layers and Frustrations I Finished my Second Piece

There is not doubt that I have to have patience with this wax medium.  What a hard medium to work with.  I just can not figure out how to work with the layers because each application of wax makes the layer below so choppy.  I use a heat gun and then take a palette knife to smooth over the surface and this does help a bit.  As I said in my previous blog, my goal is to make this glass surface and I can not do that.  Maybe the wax is not hot enough?   I see videos of other encaustic artists using a brush and pulling the wax across the surface and the wax moves nicely across in one stroke.  Anyway, I kept going on my second piece and after using many different tools ended up with a sort of flower image in the end.