Play Days with Organic and Geometrical Shapes found in Nature

This week I am working on Shapes and, for inspiration, used a photograph of one of my flower composition.

10040008 copy

I first simplified the composition in pencil. Scanned it onto my computer and then isolated the flower elements into black and white. I then printed the page and used the elements for the composition. I took watercolor, painted the flowers and cut them out.

P1040928 copy 2


P1040930 copy


P1040925 copy 

I had a piece of fabric with blue circles and, for inspiration, used the color scheme for the final artwork.

I cut out all of the blue circles from the fabric and paper flowers.

I first glued the watercolor paper onto the canvas so that the wax will absorb into the paper and canvas. I then put two layers of wax onto the paper/canvas. I added blue oil paint to the wax. Once the wax surface was done I took an iron and smoothed down the wax. Then took black and wiped it onto the surface and wiped as much of the black off the surface so that the black stayed only in the cracks. This part I should not have done because it made the blues muddy.

The Collaged Elements

P1040923 copy


Arranging the circles onto the surface and pressing them into the wax. Then, covered the surface with clear wax. Once the wax was cool, took a scraping tool and scraped down the areas where the wax was too thick. Once I was satisfied with the results, added the flowers and repeated the wax process. Yellow/green oil color was added between the shapes so that the blues became lighter in some areas.

Here is the final piece. I still think the background color does not work and will add a lighter color to the background. I think it needs yellow/green in the background to give it life. I will see how it works.

flowers1 copy




Author: Anna

I am a painter and sculptor and have a studio beside a beautiful lake. For the past 40 years, I designed and built puppets, masks and sculptures and had solo exhibitions of these works. In 2013, I went back to painting and started working in encaustic. I am interested in issues of identity in terms of weavings as coverings to protect or to hide. The intersecting lines that I create over landscapes create an internal conversation versus the external between nature vs. nurture. Or how actual or psychological barriers erected in an environment can disrupt a cherished place. My engagement with woven structures speak to complex dialogues between identity and psychological barriers. My second passion is teaching. I try to encompass more than teaching my students art techniques. I encourage students to, not only learn the language of art, but to also engage in critiquing art. Additionally, we continually explore ways to enhance one's voice through art in relation to contemporary and historical issues. Encaustic adventures is a blog where not only processes and techniques are taught, but hopefully this sites will engage in a dialogue about the making of art, notions of voice, identity, themes, and ways to establish a body of work within an historical contexts.

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