Wild Flower Studies

I have been trying to paint the shoreline on a larger canvas, 16” X 20, but was not successful. I struggled for a week on that piece and finally gave up. I have always painted on large canvas sizes and doing larger paintings in encaustic is difficult so I will have to practice more on smaller formats.    As I said, when I began this journey, I want to explore this encaustic medium until I find a theme and technique that I can pursue for a while. My goal is to have a show of my work in a year or two and I need a cohesive body of work for this show. So, now is the time to explore different thematic possibilities until I get to a point where I can commit to a specific theme and technique.

Last summer I did a series of flowers in acrylic paint on canvas. I love flowers, especially the wild flowers that I see on my walks around the lake. Here are a few examples.

P1040240 copy P1040243 copy P1040246 copy P1040254 copy


Instead of focusing on the flower, I am particularly interested in how the softness of the greens and the colors of the flowers contrast with the variegated browns found on the rock surfaces and soil so I will take a lot of pictures of wild flowers in relation to the ground and rock surfaces. The following photograph is one example:

rock flowers


I took the following encaustic study that I did a few weeks ago as my inspiration 

Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers

and created the two wild flower studies below.

P1040981 copy


Wild Flower Study 2