Abstracting the Marsh

I have not posted for a few weeks because I have been away from my studio. Now I am back and looking at my work with fresh eyes and new insight.  I have always been drawn to artworks where an artist takes a realistic element and pushes it into the realm of abstraction. So, I have brainstormed atmospheric impressions that I have seen on Paugh Lake and through simple line and textural elements will show impressions of the lake in my paintings. So, for example, I will abstract the fog raising on the lake, or rain hitting the surface of the lake, sunsets reflecting on the lake, dark moody days, light rays hitting the lake, etc. Create visual water environments without actually creating the actual scene that I see in front of me. So, I have worked on the following scene using horizontal divisions and then played within these spaces using textures, colours and lines. This encaustic is 12″ X 12″

marsh #5 copy 2