Line Dancing Series

The first painting in this series was so easy to make because the creative process flowed without any hesitations. No struggles like with the second work. At the beginning, I was not happy with the variegated light blue section on the left side. The surface technique did not work.   I felt that the width of the band of blue did not balance the right side and the light blue color was too light. Also, I had orange on the right side that appeared too heavy so I lightened that section with yellow. Flecks of yellow were added to the center area which gave another level of interest.

Line Dance copy

I am on a roll. This one also gave me little difficulty. It is amazing how one work goes so easy and another one is such a struggle. This one has unusual colors that I have not used before. I am not a pink fan but the vertical strip needed some pink. I also built up ridges and painted white lightly over the ridges to create a textured surface.   I do like this one and it is similar to the first one that I made but yet different.

Line Dancing Final low res

Another good day in the studio. The fourth painting is a bit different has more of a landscape feeling. I limited my pallet and simplified the composition. Created three divisions and applied textures within the sections.   I am still not sure about the colors. They are a bit muted and not as vibrant as I usually choose. But, it is calmer than the other three. I need to live with it for a few hours and then decide if it is finished.

Line Dancing #4  12" X 12"

Well, I did drastic changes to the last piece. I felt that the first version had no energy. Also, I wanted to have a central window in all of these pieces that created a spatial relationship between the foreground and background. So, I changed the one radiating shape segment and faced it towards the other one. The free form concentric lines banking the left and right sides of the window makes the section a bit ominous, a space where no one would like to fall into. Then, I took the main color, red, and added more vertical lines. The red makes my eyes move from one side to the other side.

Line Dancing #4 low resolution


Did another red and blue centred painting to go with the fourth one.  Did a bit of a shift with the angles of the shapes. It works well.

DAncing Lines #5 Low Resolutions


Author: Anna

I am a painter and sculptor and have a studio beside a beautiful lake. For the past 40 years, I designed and built puppets, masks and sculptures and had solo exhibitions of these works. In 2013, I went back to painting and started working in encaustic. I am interested in issues of identity in terms of weavings as coverings to protect or to hide. The intersecting lines that I create over landscapes create an internal conversation versus the external between nature vs. nurture. Or how actual or psychological barriers erected in an environment can disrupt a cherished place. My engagement with woven structures speak to complex dialogues between identity and psychological barriers. My second passion is teaching. I try to encompass more than teaching my students art techniques. I encourage students to, not only learn the language of art, but to also engage in critiquing art. Additionally, we continually explore ways to enhance one's voice through art in relation to contemporary and historical issues. Encaustic adventures is a blog where not only processes and techniques are taught, but hopefully this sites will engage in a dialogue about the making of art, notions of voice, identity, themes, and ways to establish a body of work within an historical contexts.

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