9th International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown, Cape Cod

I had an amazing time at the 9th International Conference in Provincetown. Coordinator Joanne Mattera and Cherie Mittenthal who is the coordinator of the Truro Centre for the Arts at Castle Hill did an incredible job planning the conference and workshops.  Everyday was packed with demos and talks.  I took a demo in Layering Images with Wayne Montecalvo.  He showed us how to add multiple layers of collaged materials onto a waxed surface and they layering layers of medium and pigmented wax on top of these layers. Then we listened to a panel of distinguished guests talk about Professional Practices in public and private gallery settings.  Following this talk I attended another demo called Pigment Wizardry with Gregory Wright. Gregory became an alchemist showing us how to use raw coloured pigment with liquid wax media.  Susan Lasch Krevitt explored how to use recycled clothing for three dimensional inspirations.      Dorothy Cochran showed us how to use wax on plexiglass for a relief printmaking surface.  On the last day there was an Art Fair where I could sell or just display my art works in my hotel room. So, for the first time, I showed 6 artworks and got feedback from many artists. It was interesting hearing their comments. I found that my geometric works were praised more than my freeform latest works.  All of the visitors saw a connection to quilts and the stitched line which was not apparent in the free-form sewn works. Then for two days after the conference I took a workshop with Lisa Pressman which I will go into detail in my next post  The following is an artwork of Dorothy Cochran



Author: Anna

I am a painter and sculptor and have a studio beside a beautiful lake. For the past 40 years, I designed and built puppets, masks and sculptures and had solo exhibitions of these works. In 2013, I went back to painting and started working in encaustic. I am interested in issues of identity in terms of weavings as coverings to protect or to hide. The intersecting lines that I create over landscapes create an internal conversation versus the external between nature vs. nurture. Or how actual or psychological barriers erected in an environment can disrupt a cherished place. My engagement with woven structures speak to complex dialogues between identity and psychological barriers. My second passion is teaching. I try to encompass more than teaching my students art techniques. I encourage students to, not only learn the language of art, but to also engage in critiquing art. Additionally, we continually explore ways to enhance one's voice through art in relation to contemporary and historical issues. Encaustic adventures is a blog where not only processes and techniques are taught, but hopefully this sites will engage in a dialogue about the making of art, notions of voice, identity, themes, and ways to establish a body of work within an historical contexts.

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