Another Interlaced painting

It does feel good being back in my studio.  I can work all day without anyone bothering me.  I begin after breakfast, take a break for lunch, continue in the afternoon, take a bread for supper and then continue until around 10 PM.  My life revolves around art making.   

I have also decided to work larger so I had a  24″ X 48″ panel that I had painted a while ago which I did not like because it was too busy, so I fused the painting completely until this amazing surface treatment appeared.  Part of me wanted to keep that surface as a completed painting but I felt that it was too decorative.  The first example shows the surface of the painting before  doing  the heavy fusing.   


The painting below was the result after the fusing.  Amazing what happens when wax melts into each other.  Really does look like drops of paint dripped onto the surface of water and the paint is intermingling with each other.

DSC_0003 (1)

The painting reminded me of water reflections so I started a painting of water reflections.  I spent a bit of time going in that direction but, after looking at the painting, I began to wonder if I was going off-track and should stay with my interlaced series.     I am totally committed to creating them and have so many ideas for future works.  Additionally, I am preparing for an exhibition so have to stay focused.  

DSC_0005 (1)

I did stay focused and began to paint the surface again and decided to keep the woven structure background variegated green with a rock formation on the bottom.  The example below is a cropped part of the painting.    

DSC_0004 (1)

Once I finished painting the spring colors I began adding the woven structure to the surface.  I mixed a white to a light green and began creating my horizontal lines from one side of the panel to the other side and followed the curves of the rocks.   


Then,  I began adding the vertical lines and began the woven structure.  I left some of the lines wider and some narrower.  

interlaced structuresedited_edited-1

I also changed the color of the bottom to green.  I wanted the color of the background to reflect the notion of grass and leaf colors of spring.  This painting is called Interlaced Narrative: Spring Greens.  





Author: Anna

I am a painter and sculptor and have a studio beside a beautiful lake. For the past 40 years, I designed and built puppets, masks and sculptures and had solo exhibitions of these works. In 2013, I went back to painting and started working in encaustic. I am interested in issues of identity in terms of weavings as coverings to protect or to hide. The intersecting lines that I create over landscapes create an internal conversation versus the external between nature vs. nurture. Or how actual or psychological barriers erected in an environment can disrupt a cherished place. My engagement with woven structures speak to complex dialogues between identity and psychological barriers. My second passion is teaching. I try to encompass more than teaching my students art techniques. I encourage students to, not only learn the language of art, but to also engage in critiquing art. Additionally, we continually explore ways to enhance one's voice through art in relation to contemporary and historical issues. Encaustic adventures is a blog where not only processes and techniques are taught, but hopefully this sites will engage in a dialogue about the making of art, notions of voice, identity, themes, and ways to establish a body of work within an historical contexts.

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