About Me


My studio stands in front of a pristine lake and every day I am witness to the changes in the sky and the surfaces of the lake.  Colours change constantly.   The lake turns from this deep blue, then greys, and to pinks at sunset.  Then the sky can go from light blue to the deepest blue/black when a storm rolls in.  This lake is mesmorizing and has been my muse  for many of my artworks.

I am working on two series “Darning Memories” and “Interlaced Narratives. ”

The Interlaced Narrative paintings are inspired by the beauty of the landscape that surrounds my studio.  I first paint the landscape and then add a protective layer of gauze which covers the land.  A sort of protection from human elements.   The paintings called Darning Memories  relate to the notion of the land being torn, and split apart.  Actual cut and torn gauze fabric is placed over the land and then I sew, cut  or burn the surface and then use interwoven lines to integrated the pieces together.



I have been making art for most of my life. I remember in Grade 3 telling my teacher that I wanted to become an artist. My mother sent me to the Toronto Art Gallery for art lessons during junior high and I kept taking lessons until I graduated from high school. I continued my studies in fine art at the University of Alberta. Throughout my artistic career I have participated in group and solo exhibitions. Some of those shows were juried and others were solo exhibitions in public and private galleries. During this time I also taught art, first at the high school level and then, after receiving a PhD in art education from Penn State University, I acquired a tenured teaching position at California State University in Sacramento and taught for 13 years. Since retiring in 2013, I have become a full-time artist and work daily in my studio.


Lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Email: annawagnerott@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Anna,

    I have totally enjoyed your blogs. I relate very much to your journey. Your work is wonderful. Thank you very much for sharing your path. It is encouraging and lovely to follow. Continued success and happy travels. I will be at the post conference and if your there I would enjoy meeting you. Regards, edith

    1. Hi Edith, thanks so much for your feedback. Often I feel in a vacuum writing these blogs and it is so heartening to hear a voice responding to what I am doing. I am looking forward to the conference and learning more and meeting everyone. I leave on Monday so will not be there after the conference. Maybe next year.

  2. Just discovered your work and I am entranced! I am As a CSUS alum, member of SFAC, and still in the area, I wish I had found you sooner. Thank you so much for your blog!

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