Art Making Process


The Painting Process

Each painting is created by heating pigmented beeswax and then brushing this molten wax onto a cradled wooden panel or watercolour paper. I fuse each layer with a heat gun or torch. This painting process is called encaustic and has been around for 2000 years. The sculptural excavation qualities I can achieve when applying many layers of wax or using my scraping tools to dig into the surface can release amazing tactile qualities. Then, with an iron or heat gun, I can smooth the surface until it appears like glass, or take the side of the iron and incise a variety of lines. Brushing over washes of thin coats of pigmented wax adds a vibrancy to the surface or layering thick paint adds texture and impasto. Encaustic is so versatile. I can build up the wax to get a very sculptural work or use a brush and be painterly.

I work with a variety of materials such as plaster, acrylic paint, papers, encaustic, and textiles.


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