Encaustic, Paper, Plaster on Canvas

I still am experimenting with different surface techniques on 12″ X 12″ canvases.  I started thinking about what different surfaces I could use to paint on? I also am a sculptor and have been making sculptures for most of my life so wanted to get back to my sculptural works.  So, I looked at my sculptures and loved the way the plaster created these modulated surfaces and thought that I could reproduce this technique on the stretched canvas. I also can fold the paper and discharge the surface to create interesting textural surfaces.  So, I began to think of ways that I can combine different folded papers with the plaster and then wax those surfaces.  My first piece was this one. I folded the paper and glued the folded paper onto the canvas and then added collaged materials within the channels and then used the coloured wax to paint the surface.

Encaustic and Collaged Papers, 12" X 12"
Encaustic and Collaged Papers, 12″ X 12″

The next piece I added plaster strips in the channels and then used the coloured wax to paint over the surface and then added oil paint for the last layer of paint.

Abstract Channels #2


Two more works completed

Worked in a pointillist way on this work.  Reminded me of a window so created window panes in variegated colours.

16" X 24" Encaustic on Birch Panel.  Anna Wagner-Ott
16″ X 24″ Encaustic on Birch Panel. Copyright Anna Wagner-Ott 2014
Line Dancing #6 Autumn Influences
12″ X 12″ Encaustic and mixed media on panel. Copyright, Anna Wagner-Ott, 2014.