Creating the Second Piece

I took a piece of heavy 12″ X 12″ watercolour paper and glued it to a canvas frame. After it dried I took water colours and just layered brush strokes over each other in different washes of blues.  I also added a bit a yellow and this changed some of the areas into greens.  So, now the background is finished and I will have to wait for the surface to dry and then add my wax, hopefully in thin flat even layers.   What I would like to do is to transfer some graphite drawn water lilies to the surface of the wax and see how that works.  Here is the sample of just the washes on the water-color paper.


As you can see, I overlapped the brushstrokes randomly and at this point it will be the first layer. 

Anyone know if I have to wait for the paper to dry before adding the wax layer?